Mentora Total solutions the marketing and sales division is a team of experts in the field of marketing will be available at your service when and where required. Experience in the field fabrics also makes them one of the known marketing and sales team .

Our manufacturing unit MP industries a leading organization in the field of manufacturing all types of furnaces and other fabrication works since 1990, is a subsidiary of MP ITC Chengannur ,Alappy district, a leading industrial training institute offering training to students in various fields like X -Ray welding ,automobile engg, elastration , survey,AC mechanic etc since 1958 being one of the oldest institutes in state approved by all concerned authorities .

A Solution to Safe and Easy Waste Treatment at Source

A special kind of solid waste furnace, the fuel free waste burner which uses the atmospheric oxygen as its fuel for the combustion process. The technology used in this fuel free incinerator is called OS&RT (Oxygen Suction & Rotation Technology). The specially designed garbage dispenser can incinerate all kinds of waste within few minutes and is ideally suited for hotels, hostels, and educational institutions, places of worship, auditoriums, hospital, well as domestic use...

The waste treatment plant is equipped with a combustion chamber, ash tray, chimney, ladder & platform, feeding door, cleaning door and other necessary items. It is very easy to operate and maintain.



• The equipment emits very minimum smoke.

• It is odor free.

• This is fuel free equipment (The only requirement is the availability of sufficient air supply).

• It very easy to install even on roof tops

• It doesn't require any skilled technicians.

• It is maintenance free. (Just clean the gratings and chamber after continued operation).

• This cannot burn metals, treated cement and glass pieces.

• It cannot burn wet waste only (at least 60 % should be dry waste)


• This cannot burn metals, treated cement and glass pieces.

• It cannot burn wet waste only (at least 60 % should be dry waste)


We also manufacture incinerators which works on fuel .This waste incinerators burns waste using diesel is suitable for burning waste in the organizations where the amount of wet waste is more than that of dry waste like Hospitals ,auditoriums, Markets ( Municipal social waste ) , food processing units , animal wastes ( poultry farms ) etc .

We undertake designing, manufacturing, installation, necessary training for man power and maintenance. (We also do repairing of existing plants) .customized designs as per the requirement of the clients makes us unique in the industrys .